Sourcing Services

Quality and traceability

Validsa provides different kinds of services related to the industries it serves. Depending on the specific complexity of the situation, we coordinate our field resources to provide a solution that addresses the specific needs our client faces.

Whether it is a specific engineering challenge or the sourcing and delivery of a piece of equipment, we can coordinate the skills needed to get it done right.

Quality and transparency is at the source of all we do. This is what puts you in control, and our ability to deliver results is your advantage.

From Start To finish

Our business goes well beyond trading commodities and equipments across continents. We make sure that every order is produced according to the agreed standard through an experienced local team of professionals.

Our mission is to add value to each step of the supply chain by establishing traceability from the source to the end user. We achieve this through a combination of software systems and operating procedures that are designed around the product complexity and our clients´ needs

Lets discuss your needs and we will find a solution together.